I am awake and Karen is sleeping. I slept in this morning while she had to get up early for work and now I don´t seem to be able to go to sleep. This was the very FIRST morning EVER since I moved here that I haven´t been up at the same time as my wife is leaving for work. I always follows her downstairs and say goodbye with a kiss but this morning for some reason I slept in and she let me sleep.

Now it is 1:00 am and I am about to go to bed. I sit here at my computer and wonder why birds sings in Arkansas when it is pitch dark. They never do that in Sweden. Only when the sun is rising you can hear the birds starting singing in Sweden but here the birds are not following the same regulations. When I grew up all stores closed at 6pm and was normally closed most of Saturday and all Sunday. Today most stores are open in Sweden the same hours (almost) as here in the US. Maybe the Swedish birds soon also will adapt to the “american way” and sing all night long.