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Finally it happened this year and we got so much ice and snow that the new Governor had to announce that all State offices are closed today. It took me one hour to get home from work yesterday because it started sleeting earlier than predicted. I left work at 4:00 pm but did not make it home until past 5:00 pm. Karen left at 4:30 and by then traffic had become even worse so it it took her almost two hours to get home because the traffic had became so much worse in 30 minutes with everyone trying to get home before the roads turned worse.

IMG_3879 IMG_3878 IMG_3876 IMG_3875 IMG_3874 IMG_3873

Snow that completely covers the roads is first page news here in Arkansas since it does not happen very often and tv stations has made it a priority to report about the snowfall and how much different cities in Arkansas has received.

I took a long walk this morning and it felt wonderful. During one hour of walking I maybe saw 5 cars and just as many people who dared the weather to take a walk. I guess most people are in shock and stay inside away from the mysterious weather.

It is harder to be on a diet like the Arbonne detox now when you come back in from a walk and feel cold and you would love to have coffee and some donuts but I am sticking to my diet through lent and will gave a frosty strawberry protein shake in a little while.

Happy winter as long as it lasts which is not very long in Arkansas. I really like this type of winter and am so happy to enjoy it for a day or two but I do NOT long for the long winters in Sweden.


Freezing temperatures – check, lots of snow and ice – check, morning walk in silly winter hat – check


Streets completely covered in snow


Nobody on the golf course today

IMG_3889 IMG_3888 IMG_3887 IMG_3886

The burnt down house on our street

The burnt down house on our street


Walk around our neighborhood Country Club of Arkansas


A lousy pace but it was really hard to walk in the snow so I think that I got a good exercise today anyway


Over one hour of walk and 2 points for the Blue and You Fitness challenge


Today March 1st it is exactly eight years since I left my home country Sweden where I had lived my whole life in the same little hometown of Torshälla. On Thursday March 1st I landed in Chicago ORD and walked through customs as a permanent resident of America.

Karen welcoming me at Little Rock Airport on Thursday March 1st 2007

Karen welcoming me at Little Rock Airport on Thursday March 1st 2007

My sweet wife and her family welcomed me at the Little Rock airport when I arrived there in the evening. It seems so long ago and eight years is a long time, but time has gone so fast.

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