Yesterday was a day when we had a slight risk of winter weather but today Friday was the day we woke up to a white Arkansas covered in at least two inches of snow, here in the central Arkansas.

I took a walk this morning around our neighborhood, a walk I do quite often, but in the snow it took probably almost twice as long time as normal.

More kids and adults were out playing around in the snow than what I have seen when this happens other times.

I smiled at the few ones that I saw shoveling their drive way, knowing that the snow will be gone before the sun sets this evening.  That is how winter is in Arkansas.

I tried to build a snow lantern on top of our mailbox but it failed because when it looked pretty, with all the rolled snowballs to build it up, the tea lights inside it was just blowing out in the wind.

Oh well, I made an effort at least. Now I came in with wet shoes and freezing all over so a cup of hot glögg seems fair under these conditions.

Merry Winter everyone. I am glad that winter came to Arkansas this year even if it was just for a day.

And good for you Governor Hutchinson that you closed state offices today. State employees are voters too.